In choosing a body pillow during pregnancy that you can use for a more comfortable sleep, there are 2 factors that you have to consider. These are the stage of your pregnancy, as well as the season in which you would be pregnant. There are, however, other things that are just important as these when you get to select your pillow of choice whenever you sleep. With that said, picking a pillow for pregnancy is no easy feat at all, but this is something that this article would help guide you with. With that said, what are some other things worth considering when choosing a pillow? Here they are below.

Your Sleep Preferences

Do you lie down on your back or on your stomach? Do you prefer laying on your side? Whatever your preference will be, it would really create a difference in terms of choosing your pillow. Those who like sleeping on their back or their stomach would need some back support in the latter stages of pregnancy. Those who sleep on their side, on the other hand, would need more support on their stomachs. These areas are the tensest during pregnancy and thus, gentle pressure would be of great help in alleviating it.

Long-Term Pillow Use

If you want to be more practical, it would be best for you to pick a pillow that you can use regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. There are pillows of choice that you can fold to best support certain sleeping positions. Some of them could even be folded in such a way that it facilitates the nursing phase with the baby. If you plan on being a mother in the future again though, it’s best for you to opt for a pillow type that provides supports that’s specific for pregnant women.