Nothing beats a fresh glass of juice on a hot afternoon and what better way to ensure that it’s the freshest out there is to make it yourself. There are different ways to extract juice from your favorite vegetable or fruit, but with the amazing centrifugal juicer available in the market today, why go for the other methods?

Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain

Whenever the best centrifugal juicers are mentioned, products by Breville always earn a top spot; the brand usually takes up more than a single spot thanks to their dedication to quality. No company has concentrated on these type of juicers, there’s none like Breville. Out of all the juicers on their line, taking into account the varying functions, price and features, the Breville BJE510XLsimply stands out. It features a 900-watt motor, though slightly lower than the 1,000-watt motors of other juicers, it’s still more than able to deliver the power you require; also, no one’s actually going to notice the 100-watt difference.

There are five speed setting available on the Breville BJE510XL, spinning the inner cutting blades at speeds anywhere from 6,500 RPMs to 12,000 RPMs. The lower speeds are ideal for softer ingredients like watermelon and oranges while the higher speeds are there for denser food like the carrot. Varying speeds enables customization in juicing, to get the optimal amount from every food. A smart chip is installed on the juicer, it senses the juicer’s load and quickly adjusts the power to an ideal level. The overall high-speed force of the juicer and the titanium enforced blades separate juice from all the pulp. The strong blades are under disc system which is patented; it cuts pulp into mesh. Juice is released and the pulp is extracted on the filter basket.