Jeff Cavaliere is a very well known name due to multiple celebrities and sportsmen that he has constantly associated himself and also trained. He has recently made his name due to his online training program, Athlean X, about which you can get an alternate review on The training and diet program focuses on athleticism, along with great strength, the kind of physical ability that is generally required in the world competitive sports.

Most people may be questioning the credibility of Jeff Cavaliere, and we are here to answer that. Jeff Cavaliere finished his Masters degree from University of Connecticut in 2000 and was the Physical Therapist and Assistant Strength coach of the successful New York Mets for a period of about 4 years and then went on to start his own gym and hasn’t looked back since. Through his free content on Youtube, he has amassed over 5.5 million followers on Youtube and is one of the most popular content creators in the category.


Athlean X builds his program for people who want superior fitness and athleticism and is not for people who want beast strength. Jeff Cavaliere focuses on a lot of exercises that you can do at home without any equipment but trust me you won’t find them easy at all. He explains the science behind all the various exercises and his 90 days training program will help you get chiseled and fit within three months.

Jeff Cavaliere through Athlean X preaches a lot about eating healthy, wholesome food which will help you stay fit in the long run and to be honest, your diet is 60% of your training. The programs comprises of different routines for different people, with different body types and at various stages of their fitness goal. You will really learn a lot about the way your muscles work, and not just get fit through his system.