Scouring the internet for the perfect gift? Looking for someone different to add to your wardrobe? Want a personalized item besides shirts? Well you’re in luck because we have the ideal suggestion for you in the form of a company that specializes in linnen tassen bedrukken. Bags of Love is a company that creates personalized items from blankets, to accessories and of course linen bags. Just send them your designs or photos, choose the materials and colors, place the payment, wait a day or two and you’re done.

What to Keep in Mind During the Order

Regardless of how personalized an item may be, there are of course limits and factors to remember like the number of pictures per order. The total number of images that could be added per order depends on the kind of image; the higher the number of pictures, the smaller it becomes. As for pictures that are close-up, they will display finer details compared to pictures with people at a distance or group photos. On the application, when adding to the montage option, be mindful of the blue or green flags; remove the corresponding images when these warnings show.

In terms of color, the base of the chosen fabric as well as the weight, opacity, reflectivity, weave and thickness definitely affects the appearance of the finished product. Experts behind Bags of Love do their best to make sure that the printer are programed for every fabric, but the aforementioned factors still have to be taken into account as you’re ordering a single design on multiple fabrics. Remember that the printing team will calibrate the printers just to refine the colors. Bags of Love constantly searches for new and improved ways or products to enhance the quality of all their products.