Windows 10 which is the latest windows version available has been around for some years now. We haven’t had any major upgrade over and above this since most of the features and functions have already been available and do not need an upgrade. Windows 10 screenshot is easy to take and is one of those features which remain hassle free. One does not need to press buttons in sync like some mobile handsets do. Taking a screenshot on windows 10 cannot be any easier.

By pressing the print screen button on the keyboard the computer quickly captures a screenshot and saves it into the clipboard. Then to have the file manually saved onto your computer, one must open an image editor and copy paste the screenshot to have the file saved into your preferred destination on the computer. There are also a host of other features available on windows 10 like faster speed in navigating through multiple screens, then cortana that gives you a better search functionality and a personalized feel to your computer.

There are tools like snipping tools that come already installed with the bundle pack of windows 10. This helps in more flexible screenshots to be taken. When it comes to screenshot and something which is taken regularly then one can also opt for third party tools like snagit. It costs very less and easy to use. There a host of features in this tool like flexible screen shot targeting specific windows, the even taking region snapshots, capturing short videos and a lot more. It does not take long for one to get used to this interface for using it. One can be an expert and handling your windows 10 desktop without any hassles within a matter of some time since it’s so simple and easy to use.