Some carpet cleaners come with a rinse function. This is one of the best solutions that can help to take off all the remaining residue, dirt or dust that might have not come off during the cleaning process. The rinse process is faster and you could choose alternate days to wash and rinse your carpets to ensure they stay clean for a long time. The Bissell big green deep cleaning machine comes with a ‘rinse mode’ and has some great features that can help you clean your carpets in the best manner. You can check for some of the latest cleaner models on Vacuum Pal.

Pay Attention To Stubborn Stains

Concentrate on the areas of your flow which usually has high footfall. Areas such as the hallways, near the door areas and corners of the stairs. These areas need some extra attention since a lot of dirt gets accumulated here and pre-treating these areas is always a good idea. Hairspray works really well on oil stains, so if you’ve got a stubborn oil stain that refuses to fade just add a little hairspray and watch the stain dissolve.

Focus On Crevices And Corners

There are a number of cleaners in the market that focus on edge to edge cleaning to help take off the tough corner stains. These cleaners come loaded with a hose tool that focus of tight corners and manages to effectively clean them.

Proper Ventilation

You need to air out your carpets to avoid them from smelling bad and ensuring they look crisp and new. Once you’ve finished your cleaning process you need to air out your home to ensure your carpets don’t stay damp.

Regular Washing

You need to clean your carpets regularly to avoid them from getting too dirty. Vacuuming is a good idea, but you need to wash them after regular intervals so they don’t look old. Always get a good cleaning agent that helps your carpets regain its charm.