Installing a Bluetooth speaker system has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. While many install a Bluetooth speaker system to enjoy the theater experience at home, others install it to enjoy a game of football or music. Whatever be your reason, installing a Bluetooth speaker system is exciting and the most difficult. A number of things can go wrong while installing a Bluetooth speaker system. Let’s look at a few tips to install a complete and perfect Bluetooth speaker system. The right Bluetooth speaker will work really well and also help to enhance your TV viewing experience. The best speakers these days are the bose soundlink mini 2 which are not just affordable and convenient to use, but also long lasting and durable. Once you invest in these speakers you don’t need to worry about buying a new one for a long time.

You need to select the perfect TV size for your room. A bigger Tv is not necessarily the best fit for your room. The ideal TV size can be decided by the distance you are away from the TV. You need to be seated about 2 times your screen size away from the TV. This means that if you are seated 60 inches away, your screen size has to be 30 inches.

Another deciding factor in deciding the TV is the lighting in the room. Plasma TV’s are cost effective and perfect for darker rooms. LCD and LED TV’s are perfect for brighter rooms. Choosing a perfect resolution is also of utmost importance. The more the pixels, the clearer the picture. Opting for a 1080p or 720p gives you good picture quality, however opting for 2160p (Ultra 4K HD) is the best. Choosing a reliable video source is also of prime importance for your Bluetooth speaker system. Investing in a reliable DVD or BluRay player will benefit you greatly.