The Fox News channel is one of the most popular channels dedicated to news in the whole United States. It is even broadcast in several parts of the world. It is a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox, and has been in operation for 22 years already, having begun in October 7, 1996. They are also known for their slogan, which goes: “Fair and balanced, Most Watched, Most trusted”. They also have other slogans which they have been using through the years, which include: “Real news. Real honest opinion”.  Fox news live is viewed by millions of people in the whole United States, and is now available on many other platforms apart from television. Let’s have a look at how Fox News has been in its early years.

How it All Started

Talks about launching a 24/7 News Broadcasting network began in 1985 with Rupert Murdoch, who talked to Marvin Davis about developing one which is an independent fourth network, and a strong enough one to compete directly with the previously established “big three” networks, namely ABC, CBS, and NBC. The birth came with the Murdoch’s decision to fund the FNC, following his experience in the news channel business.

The Birth of Fox News Channel

It was in 1996 when it began to officially launch, upon the request of then political strategist and executive of the NBC, Roger Alies, who left in order to help spearhead the launch. The initial demand was a workday schedule of 14 hours, with rehearsal beginning several weeks prior to the October 1996 launch. In its start, it was able to get 17 million households to watch, with continuous news coverage through the day on various headlines, which was shown in single-topic shows that lasted 20 minutes. Visual presentation and graphics are a trademark of Fox, being very attractive, bright and colourful, which still continues to this day.