What is it about aromatic scents that calms frayed nerves and soothes the mind? The beauty of a scented candle can only be matched and even surpassed by a deluxe oil diffuser, which is a portable device that mixes essential oils within its mechanical bowels and emits a wholesome steam of pure, pleasant , and distinguished aroma that quickly fills the room, giving new life, perspective and a healthy atmosphere for everyone.

Oil diffusers are electronic and therefore can be manually controlled. They often come with various essential tools that can be quite useful in the house. Here are the best essential oil diffuser UK options in the market.

  1. OPUS 2 Clock and Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

You get a bit over what you bargained for with this piece. This is a perfect example of “working overtime”. The OPUS 2 packs an alarm clock, lighting display and aromatherapy, all at your disposal. Most people get woken up by an alarm, with the OPUS 2; you can get woken up by an aromatic scent. It comes with a clock as well as a humidifier. This is the full package!

  1. Shohan HG Aroma Diffuser

The woodstyle nature’s child comes with a breath taking LED light and a 200ml capacity that is sure to give your home a grand look as well as provide you with all the sweet essence you require in your home. It is very affordable and simple.

  1. ESEOE Diffuser

This travel companion is very portable and comes with an automated shutdown which self-initiates when the water content becomes too low. You needn’t worry about forgetting to switch off while you are on a trip or away for work.

There are lots of other options in the market, simply find what suits your needs and give yourself and your home a treat.