There are various kinds of trading and investing that you could put your money on but the one which has the most mixed reviews is binary options. Binary options mostly focus on low profiled or stable profile stocks that will provide you with guaranteed returns. It requires you predict and hedge on stocks in the market and that is why this is the best option for beginners to invest on without losing too much money. Binary options only last for a period and that is why the returns are also very fast.

If you are new to the investing game an find it tough investing in stocks and don’t understand binary option signals then there is nothing to fear, as here are some of the top-rated websites that you can use for information and also for trading and exchange. The websites will have their own prediction which are programmed to provide you the best predictions for any stock on the market.


Based in Great Britain, Markets World is one of the better portals to use as it is one of the foreign portals which is even licensed in the United States of America. It focuses more on Forex but also trades indices and commodities. It is licensed by The Isle of Mann, a gambling regulatory is GB.

eToro is a very different concept which lets you bet on traders and not stalks. You can also put up your profile which will allow you to earn money when other traders copy you. On this website you will have to learn to read the approach of other traders rather than check out stocks for yourself.

The last on this list would be 365Trading licensed by CySec of Cyprus and trades in the EU region without any problem. It has a deposit amount of 100$ and commissions range from 85% to 100%.