There are a number of bus tours that take you on tour to some of the most exotic destinations across the country. One of the most common bus tours these days are the Boston bus tours from chicago motor coach. This place has a number of beautiful locations that you can visit and Boston manages to provide complete entertainment to your entire family. These tours include short one day trips as well as longer ones. You can plan a perfect holiday depending on the number of days you plan on getting on the bus.

What A Bus Tour Boston Has To Offer

Boston is a beautiful city and this place is full of some hot tourist spots that you could visit with your family. There are different kinds of Boston bus tours that you could take, however here’s a list of some of the must see places in Boston while on a bus tour.

The Charles River

This river is spread across 80 miles and travels through 80 cities before it finally meets the Atlantic Ocean at Boston. This river is one of the most beautiful sights the city has to offer and if you’re planning a Boston bus tour, you must include a visit to this river on your list. The Charles River is a beautiful sigh in itself and even a plain walk along this river could leave you nostalgic. There are a number of recreational activities that is conducted on the river. While you’re at the river, you could engage in rowing, sailing, sculling and dragon boating.

Freedom Trail

This long stretch of land in Boston has managed to attract a large number of tourists to the city for a long time now. This trail holds some of the most prominent buildings Boston has to offer and if you’re on this trail, you’ll realize how important Boston is on the map and why people flood the Freedom trail. This place holds 16 historical sites including the Boston National Historical Park and you can learn a lot about the history of the nation with a simple visit here.