Basketball is one of the most tightly contested sports in the world of sport. They have huge popularity and a large following in and around the globe. Most of the kids in many countries dream to become professional basketballers when they grow up. Basketball is also a game which involves a lot of running, shoving and jumping. It can be easily said that jumping just might be the most important factor in the game of basketball. Also, the higher a player can jump the better it would be for a person to thrive in the beautiful game.

One thing which would be most beneficial for a person for jumping higher is good shoes. The best basketball shoes for jumping in the market must have the following three qualities:

Tight Fit:

If any person wants to jump to a higher vertical distance the most important factor would be the fit of the shoes. If a shoe is loosely fit in a person’s feet then while jumping the person might lose momentum and might slip inside the shoe and fall down. A tightly gripped shoe will provide a person with the required momentum and will increase the vertical height. If a person has issues wearing shoes for tight fit, they can also wear high-performance socks inside any shoe as it causes a huge difference.


This point or this characteristic of a good shoe is highly interrelated to the first point. A slippery shoe just proves to be the biggest enemy of a good jump. The dust should be cleared of the shoe to maintain good traction.

Proper Cushion:

A proper cushion is a must in a shoe made specifically for jumping. A well-cushioned shoe allows more grip and more comfort to the leg and allows the person to jump to a larger distance and also prevents a person from various sort of injuries.