We all use flash drives these days. Not only are they convenient to use, but they are also very useful in our everyday lives. From storing important files for your work or school, or perhaps as a form of carrier for movies and music, flash drives are truly your day-to-day buddies. But which storage option is fit for you?


This is the lowest storage option you’ll find in most new Sandisk flash drives. Back in the day, 16GB flash drives were considered as huge storage. However, due to the advancement of technology, 16GB can no longer hold tons of data. So if you’re on a tight budget or just into storing files such as documents and spreadsheets, then this will do.


The 32GB options are the mid-end storage option for many flash drives these days. If you want something that’s in the middle, then this one’s for you. This one is great for storing music for your car’s infotainment, or perhaps watching a movie or two in your smart TV. If you’re into series, then this would work fine as well. Be warned though that you need to delete an episode every now and then because 32GB isn’t much of a capacity if you’re in tune with HD series binge watching.


Here is a massive storage option for you. This one is perfect if you’re into storing games or perhaps apps. This is also great if you are into binge watching HD movies or perhaps into watching Ultra HD video files and movies. Store as much music as you can and you won’t be short. Sandisk Singapore knows how to make all around flash drives for your daily needs, or let’s say annual needs, because this will surely hold a year’s supply of files, if needed.