The role playing games are becoming the first preference of the majority of the game lovers. Old School RuneScape is the most popular role playing game, developed and published by Jagex. This multiplayer game can be played at different platforms such as IOS, Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and many other platforms.

The features are unique and also have the potential to attract the people, who love to play role playing game. Players can unlock many characters and improve the gameplay. Use of OSRS bot can be helpful in unlocking many characters and improve the gameplay.

What are the game rules?

If you want to play, then it is necessary to follow some important rules. There are certain things which are basically not allowed. In case, the player does such things then he/she can be banned from the game. So, it is advised to follow the below mentioned rules.

  • The players don’t need to offer contact information such as e-mail, address, and contact number.
  • They are also not allowed to buy or sell the gaming account, and the name should not be offended.
  • They should not encourage the other players for rules breaking and also don’t break the laws of the real world.
  • Don’t mislead the other players for stealing the in-game wealth as well as don’t ask the passwords of the other players’ accounts.

  • Glitching the minigame for farming the rewards and points is also not allowed. They can’t abuse the bug only for the personal gain.
  • The seriously offensive language, which basically includes the threatening behavior, sexually explicit language, and many more things.

The players should consider these things and play in a better way. If the player wants to access improved combat gear, bosses, additional training, then activate membership. This will also help in accessing the additional skills.