What is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing or Insulated glass as it is commonly known as, is a process consisting of two to three window panes made of glass with a vacuum or gas-space separating the two panes to reduce unwanted heat transfer across the part of the building or house.

What are the benefits of double glazing?

Installing this type of glass units are quite beneficial in approach. Despite of being an energy efficient choice it also helps in reducing unwanted noise pollution across the surroundings. It also acts as a thermal resistance and thus it helps in reducing heat losses during winter. And in summers, it keeps unwanted heat from coming into the house. It also reduces condensation in summers that prevents any unhealthy mould formation across the corners of the house. It also is a safer choice unlike the singled paned windows. Being made of a more thick and hard material, it also gives added protection from accidental breakages.

Common problems related to double glazing:

Though it comes with a lot of benefits, it also shows some minor problems. Despite being more expensive than the ordinary singled pane windows, it sometimes fails in sound proofing too. If not sealed properly, its condensation property gets reduced and so does its heat insulating functions too.

Is it worth it?

After careful observation, it can be concluded that double glazed window-panes are really worth the cost, even if its more expensive than the single ones. It offers additional protection from accidental causes, efficient heat insulation during all seasonal conditions and also reducing unwanted sound pollution.

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