Owning a disabled dog is twice the difficulty for a lot of pet owners. Despite that though, it is their love for their pets that give them the drive to do whatever they can to make their lives happy and comfortable as possible. One common disability among dogs is their lack of a rear lifting support, which makes it difficult or impossible for them to walk. With that said, what are some of the best  dog rear lift harness types that you can get in the market? Let’s find out below!

Walkin’ Lift Rear Harness

This harness allows you to give support for the rear of your dogs with ease. It makes use of walkin’ wheels wheelchairs for best compatibility. It also has a canvas that’s both durable and fleece-lined. This harness is placed at the very back of the dog’s hind end. This helps provide over-all comfort for your pet.

Walkabout Rear Harness

This harness allows for a rear lifting support, and its base is made of neoprene fabric. The handles are already well-sewn in, and do not need any form of adjustment. It is best if you are going to use it for walking your dog, as it is incompatible with the wheels. If you like to walk your dog the old school way despite his difficulties, then this is the one for you.

Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness

This harness gives your dear pet comfort by giving rear lifting support, and this one is compatible with wheelchairs made by Walkin’ Wheels. This one can be worn for extended periods of time, and the mesh leg rings are lined with fleece to prevent any form of irritation. This feature is behind this harness being able to be worn for a long period of time.