Happy Valentine’s day to you baby. Our one year already completed and we are near to complete our second year soon. Our relationship is not the usual ones. Our circumstances have been worse than most but our relationship is the purest and the most unique.

Start of our friendship:

I found a girl in my twelfth standard of schooling. This is a sweet love message for her. A naughty yet sweet by nature, she was one of the most beautiful people I ever became friends with. We started off as colleagues. Sooner we became the best of friends. And then we started our relationship. I know it was very difficult for you.

Everything I am is your hard work:

I owe you so much for being patient with me since the first day. For teaching me everything and for changing me so much, I owe you everything. Through all my struggles and frustrations, it was only you who stood by me. In all those days I cried, it was your shoulder beside me.I am so much thankful to God to give me you: His best creation ever.

Our innocent relationship:

Even today when I think of those school days, I smile foolishly thinking of our small meetings, our flirting with each other shyly and our teacher’s scolding for always roaming together. Those days were the most innocent and simple ones with our happiness to the ultimate supreme level.

As it is that today we celebrate our first Valentine’s day together as a couple, I want to tell you by trying to put some inarticulate feelings into words that I love you with all my heart and soul. We shall remain together until eternity. Our bond is unbreakable. I shall love you until the day I die and beyond. I pray to God to give me your love in all my next lives to come. I am nothing without you ever because it’s you that gives life to me sweetheart. It’s you that’s the moon to my night. I love you so much,darling!