Jeff Lichtman is the lawyer who is handling the El Chapo case and has been presenting some strong evidences and proofs in the defense. The lawyer has made some shocking claims against the top Mexican politicians being involved in the entire drug cartels. According to experts in criminal cases, there are many cases being filled again Guzman like the killing of many people along with smuggling of drugs by using a wide range of transportation means.

Four Lawyers working on the case

We have already revealed the name of top lawyer in the form of Jeff Lichtman but there are 3 more lawyers who have been working on this particular case. The name of these lawyers is Marc Fernich, A. Eduardo Balarezo and William Purpura. All these 3 lawyers have already helped Mr. Lichtman in different cases. The most significant reason behind hiring Jeff Lichtman for this particular case has been his strong track record. He is the one lawyer who has been known for his relentless approach. His aggressive attitude makes him so special and with his trademark aptitude he wins most of the cases.

A Close To Perfect Track Record

Being a curious observer of the entire case, it is easy to understand why all these 4 lawyers have been approached. There is simply no false reputation at all. The track record of especially Jeff Lichtman, speaks itself. The criminal law community of USA completely respect this particular lawyer and his defense is extremely strong. Still, we feel out the verdict will go against EL Chapo but with these 4 lawyers working together, there is every possibility of many cases against EL Chapo might not be proved. There is plenty of drama going out there and we should eagerly wait for the final result.