Big data is now used by several industries to grow their market presence organically. Today one can find a huge amount of data which can be collected from al kind of external and internal sources, and this data is then cleaned, pruned, organized, and used for machine learning and algorithm building. These algorithms, in turn, are used to solve organizational and marketing problems by enhancing customer satisfaction and revenue growth of the firm.

How data is collected?

Data about gaming is collected through various customer interactive medium and their interaction with the gaming software. The online gaming data collected are of different categories like:

  • Total play time
  • When the game is played.
  • Who they play with
  • Also profile related data like age, location, gender etc.

How big data can help in boosting the gaming business?

  • big data for marketing: big data helps in creating marketing plans keeping in mind what is popular and what is not popular. Online gaming operators use big data analytics to create offers and discounts to attract more customers. This is helping online websites like Aman QQ to turn the marketing more specifically keeping in mind individual needs and advertise accordingly. Proper marketing is the core of any business growth and that is why the online gaming industry is more keen towards personalized marketing rather than just mass marketing.
  • Big data for customer satisfaction: online gaming is experiencing a huge competition and to stay on top of it, they are trying to give better customer experience. better customer experience is created by making a better game design and tailored offers for customer retention.

There is no doubt that just like other industries, big data is a blessing for the online gaming industry too. as several online gaming sites like Aman QQ uses big data analytics to not only reach a more targeted audience but also to retain them for a longer period of time.