Carpets play a very important role in making one’s room look complete and organized, this is why having a cigarette burn can look very ugly and disconcerting and this is why one should choose iqos cigarette buy to avoid any hot ash burns. Homeowners tend to spend several bucks per cigarette burn mark per year, which can prove very expensive in the long run. As always saving a few bucks on repairmen is super easy if one decides to do some repair and reconstruction themselves. So, from now on one can easily repair the carpet following these five easy steps.

Materials required

  • Box knife with a sharp blade
  • Drywall tape or seaming tape
  • Glue gun or glue stick

Steps to follow

  1. Find the exact point where there is a cigarette burn, and start cutting it using a box knife with a sharp knife. Make sure to cut the area cleanly without any jagged edge, most favorably cut the area in a circle or square patch.
  2. Now to fill the cut area on the carpet, one needs to cut a similar patch from the same carpet. One can choose to cut the carpet from a corner that no one can see or from below the wardrobe or any other furniture. Make sure that the patch cut is of same size and shape as the blank space.
  3. Now take a small piece of seaming or drywall tape and slip it under the cut area and make sure it fits well there.
  4. Now with a glue gun or glue stick put a drop of glue on the cut area over the seaming tape. Make sure that the glue is not in excess as it may ruin the surrounding carpet if spread and neither too less or the patch will not stick.
  5. Now insert the trimmed patch onto the glue and make sure it fits there nice and well. Also, put some pressure on it to ensure that it sticks perfectly.