Going to work is not as simple as preparing and then donning whatever outfit it is that you have. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things you ought to consider in choosing what you’re going to be wearing. With that said, there are several parts of the outfit that you need to put so much thought into, and indeed it can get overwhelming for some people, especially for women, whose attires are a lot more diverse than that of men. The url that leads you to the Forbes article will consequently lead you to other sites as well. With that said, what are some of the best blogs for fashion worth the visit? Let’s find out below!


Girls that are said to be “overachieving” can sure try out and visit their blog. This is best for those who wish to stand out while making sure that they are in-line with the conservativeness of their company. The site features specific brands of various products, primarily through blog posts which are updated on a weekly basis. Their blogs are indeed, extensive and feature bags to clothes, and all that you need for your work outfit.

Paper Clippy

If Corporette is for the “overachieving” women, then Paper Clippy is for the women who are on-the-go. Indeed, the site features more than just cute clothing and DIY Fashion, it also features other things that you may need for your business. These include Wall Calendars, Pillow Cases, and even Books and other things that you may need for your work, because after all, it’s not just enough that you dress the part, it also matters that you are able to get the supplies that are needed to make you productive.