We all know what cardboard boxed are. Not only are they useful in our day to day lives, but they’re also very logical to use because they’re environmentally friendly and cheap. However, the common issue with us is that we don’t usually know what to do with them. Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.


One of the best ways to use cardboard boxes is as organizers. Simply use a washi tape and mix it with your creativity and you’ve got your own organizer. They can also be used to create different kinds of organizers where you can use to place your important belongings.

Knee Pads

You can use a piece of cardboard box as a knee pad if you’re working on something that needs you to kneel on the ground. A single layer of cardboard can even work just fine as this can give cushion between your knees and the hard and rough ground.


You can use your cardboard box as an all-purpose container, well, just like a box. This becomes handy if you use it to place some tools or things for your car in your trunk. Jumper cables, washer fluids, ice scrapers, or other various tools, can be placed there.

This avoids the objects from rolling noisily at the backseat of your car. You can even use them as a laundry basket or even as a trash can or toy box for your kids.

Pet Bed

If you’ve got a pet, then this one works as well too. This is especially true if you have a cat or dog as these animals want to lie around cardboard boxes because they insulate heat. Indeed, this is also one of the reasons why some paper bag manufacturers make sure the cardboard boxes are hard and durable.


Cardboard boxes can also be used as a cover for your things. Say for example you want your car’s hood to be covered from the sun’s heat. Well, you can place that on top of your car hood.