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BandarQ Online has been enhanced by a range of technical innovations that have eased gameplay for players all across the world. Gaming consoles are one such innovation. The advent of Play Stations and X Box has improved the quality of experience of gamers all over the world and the easy to handle gaming consoles allow the players to indulge in a world of virtual reality while caring lesser about hitting the wrong key. The consoles can be connected to a computer for a better control and a much high quality gaming experience as well.

For using your gaming consoles in online gaming, the consoles can also be connected to your computers very easily. If you are connecting a wireless gaming console to your Windows OS based computer, the first step is to turn on the Bluetooth and make it visible for both the computer as well as the console. The blinking of the light on your console will confirm the connection. Once the console and the computer are connected with each other, you can control the monitor using the console and navigate between options. If you are not able to do so, disconnect your console and turn on the Play Station or X Box Configuration support on your computer and connect it again.

For connecting your gaming console with computer having a Mac OS operating system, open the Apple menu and go to Systems Report. Select the USB option from this menu and find an option for Wireless Controller. Once you have connected, find System Preferences option and look for Bluetooth. Switch on the Bluetooth for both the gaming console as well as the computer. Click on Share unless the light on your console starts blinking. Once it is switched on, click on connect. The connection will be established and you can use your console with your Apple Computer.