Buying Christmas gifts for your company’s top clients can be quite tricky, and the pressure is tremendous.This task is important because it not only reminds your clients that they are appreciated, it’s also a good way of promoting the company’s brand and maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients.

Veer away from those generic cheap corporate gifts Singapore gift shops have and time to step up your gifting game. Here are a few pointers to guide you in finding the perfect gift for your clients.

Personal gifts, not personalized

It’s one thing to bring a personal touch to your gifts, it’s another to bombard your brand’s logos on it. Avoid inserting pamphlets advertising your company’s products, or better yet avoid any form of advertising at all. Cater the gifts you will be send depending to the client’s background and personality, that way they will know you’ve put effort in coming up with a gift for them.

You can include a small personal note card with your company’s brand in it, or put your company’s logo in the wrapping to still maintain brand recognition. Avoid generic gifts for your clients at all cost.

Give something they can use

Knowing your clients well and giving something that can help make life easier for them or solve their problems will say a lot about your relationship. Sometimes, the best gifts you can give are the ones that will be useful to their daily business activities.

Be mindful of legal boundaries

Be aware of any legal policies in your industries and your clients. Make sure that when you give one, you are not breaking any local, state or company laws. There are establishments, or departments within the company that may not be allowed to receive gifts. Research any policies or laws surrounding gifts or tokens before sending one to clients.