PDF files are the most common format to share documents. These files are very famous in the business world. You can view the files the same way in every device that is available for you to use. This way, you can save paper and ink because you are not required to print the document.

However, if you are wondering on how you can edit PDFs, here are some suggestions on what to use to edit these files especially if you are a Mac user.

  1. iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac

This editor allows you to change the text of PDF documents. This is also easy and simple to use. You can add, delete, insert and modify so easily. Hyperlinks can be added, there is a drop, drag or browse button, watermarks, lines and arrows are easily accessible.

  1. Preview

This software is usually built-in for Mac users. This allows you to edit and read PDF formats. It gives you basically what you need, even converts PDF to PNG for Mac. You do not need to install this since it’s already built-in.

  1. PDF Buddy

This is an online tool to edit PDF files. Very useful and safe to use, not to mention it’s free. This saves time because you can access it anywhere you want.

  1. PDFescape

This online tool allows you to make PDF for filling. You can edit and view your PDF files, create passwords so that your files are protected and this also allows you to share your files online. PDFescape can work with almost all browsers.

  1. Skim

Skim allows you to improve the text of your PDF through its editing features. You can create screenshots, bookmarks and it has a magnifying tool for you to read small and hard to read fonts.