Sometimes after a certain duration of use, the user seems to misplace the user manual and cannot find it when needed. Under such situations, it becomes difficult to learn any option which you could use to change any setting on your phone. This problem was solved by Samsung as they came up with a unique idea of setting up a link on every Samsung phone from where you can access the user manual whenever you want. This feature is present in almost all of the recent Samsung mobile phones and came up as a revolutionary feature for its users.

How to access the user manual available on Samsung mobile phones

If you want to access the user manual on Samsung phones the first thing you need to access any Samsung manuals is an online connection. This is because the manual is not installed on the phone just the link is given. In case you want to take a screenshot of a particular feature you are allowed to do. So, you can follow the steps mentioned to open the manual.

  • Navigate to the settings option on your phone.
  • In the settings menu scroll down the help option
  • Select help from the menu
  • The user manual will now automatically open up on the browser.
  • You can navigate through the manual to choose your desired feature.

This was an excellent approach from the Samsung group and was of great help to the users. If you are a Samsung user and were unaware of this fact till now give it a try to solve all issues related to your device. This Samsung manual is customized for your model of Samsung phone and is not applicable to any other model or any other company.