Playing online games is now more fun than ever before. Why? Simply because nowadays, you can earn some money just by playing games online.  Yes, you read it right. A lot of people are now getting paid through online games. Who would have thought that it is possible to have fun and at the same time generating income from it. This article provides tips on how to stay profitable when playing online games.

Look for Websites

There are numerous websites and companies available in the market that are willing to give you income for playing their designed games. Mostly of these websites are free to use which means that you don’t have to spend any single amount of money from gaming. Just look for the list of companies that pay gamers online.

Paid Game Tester

Game developer companies hire game testers to play games and test them. Basically, as a game tester, you will need to give feedback on and check for the things that need to be improved. This helps online gaming companies to check the quality and design of their games before launching it to the market. Some of the paid online games are exodus 300, origin europe, second life, and paid game player.

Reward Sites

Aside from paid game testers, you can also earn money from rewards websites/apps. Most rewards apps give you points, instead of cash, which you can convert to money or gift cards.

Set Up a Paypal      

Most of these paying online game companies send their payment through paypal. It is important that you have a paypal account so you can be easily get paid.


The most important way of earning money from online gaming is simply by enjoying it.  Remember that you are paid based on the number or times you test a game or by the duration you play a particular game. If you play often, there is more chance of getting a lot of money.