Internet security is turning to be an essential concern in today’s generation. Both the spying eyes and cyberpunks are becoming expert and vicious in securing access to our personalized data and information. This condition is adding little by little and every week we watch news about revealed statistic, encryption, spying and other computerized nondisclosure affairs.

In view of insurance and safety of the web traffic data and undertakings and to utilise the internet securely in the absence of fear and worry, users either/or utilise a VPN or proxy service. The two systems are recognized for holding the personality unidentified and concealing the IP address but the implementation capability of the two technologies contends from each other.

Distinguishing Proxy and VPN services

A proxy server is an admission to the software utilised. For example, the internet service provider is the admission to the internet. Equally, the proxy also functions in the same way. There are four kinds of proxies and they are not encrypted but the web traffic will not get to the network. On the other hand, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is noted for increasing a coating of security and privacy to your entire internet encounter. Each time you connect with the internet by a VPN, all web traffic goes through an encrypted remote server.

Here are security differences between Proxy and VPN services just like what tor guard vpn provides:


  • It does not provide encryption security.
  • It does not support any automatic formation.
  • It is complicated to utilise.
  • A proxy interprets the IP address into something recent.
  • A proxy covers the IP address of the user.
  • A proxy usually maintains detailed user log.


  • It provides encryption security.
  • It offers automatic formation for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android.
  • By creating a VPN account you can simply utilise it.
  • A VPN interprets the source IP address into a recent one which is administered by the VPN.
  • VPN covers actual IP address and encrypts the data as well.
  • VPN offers the means of less user log.


There are a lot of means which show that a VPN is great and extraordinary than a proxy server. Even though the two services effectively cover the user IP address and secure them from the spying eyes. The extra tasks of VPN keep it more competent, secure and private alternative than proxy server.