What’s the worst thing that could happen when you’re in a vacation or at a party? If you thoroughly list your options on what the worst situation that you are going to be into, well I’m sure you can think of a lot. One that will come up into your mind is being into an accident right? But what kind? To enumerate, I’ll just go with one of the frightening thing that someone could be into is being able to accidentally deleted photo booth files. I know it’s not that worst thou but think of the guests who have been dying to see their wacky faces and waiting for uploads, how would you explain to them one by one about what just happened. Good thing, we’re now living in a modern world wherein technology has abruptly changed. Here’s how to retrieve the photos that have accidentally deleted:

  1. Photos are the priceless item; you get to keep the memories of your family, friends or even your lifetime partners that you’re able to share to your future grandkids so you have to figure out how to retrieve it if accidentally deleted. There’s the app called Remo recover it is highly effective app that even lost garagebands tracks can be recovered. It is also used by the photo booth Toronto just in case they will experience such.
  2. Another photo recovery software is the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery for Mac users. This application can assure full recovery of the deleted photos even Mac hard drives and removable disks.
  3. The other option that you can go is try checking your Mac Trash, look for the show package contents that piles up all the deleted photos and if you happen to restore it from there then it is your lucky day the problem is solve.
  4. Have you tried Time Machine Back ups? For Mac users, time machine back up is the holy grail to your restoration. If you have installed one to your Mac computer then you have found your answers to the situation.