Timeline templates are very useful in presenting data which is based on time tracking and recording. It is very much required by third parties as well as the internal management in order to develop their company or to know the trends of the company over a period of time.

Timeline templates ease the work of the presenter. This is how they do so- templates are pre- created and developed templates available online to download. One need not worry about formatting a timeline. Instead he just to download a template and customize it according to its data presentation requirement.

Examples for free timeline templates for project management

Project management requires a timeline chart the most.. Thus for a project manager, he needs to possess a great skill in and about matters relating to project management.

Below are the examples of 11 free timeline templates for product management:

  1. Gantt Chart Project Template: It is one of the most popular timeline templates preferred by project managers. It takes a few basic details of the project and converts them into a horizontal bar chart.
  2. Project Tracker Template: The main feature of this template is that it allows easy search and find of data in the project.
  3. Agile Project Plan Template: As we k ow that projects are based on features, this template can group similar features into sprints.
  4. Project Budgeting Template: The name itself suggests its specific feature, the template is useful in maintaining the budget of the project.
  5. To do list template: This template helps to focus on the most important tasks among all other moving parts of the project.

The other templates are listed below. They have almost the same features and are preferred by users based on its appearance :

  1. Project Timeline Template
  2. Issue Tracker Template
  3. Project Timesheet Template
  4. Project Risk Template
  5. Project Management Dashboard
  6. Research Project Timeline