If you’ve come across a problem wherein you need a pdf converted to another file format, then you need a pdf converter. Whether it is online or downloadable, pdf converters are a useful program to use when you deal with documents a lot. It makes your work easier and it makes everything convenient.

But if you’re wondering just what kinds of file types are covered, then you don’t need to worry because converters have every file format available. Below are just a few file types that every basic pdf converter has:


It is possible to create image files from pdf. With the help of a converter, all you need to do is select an image file type and the converter will do everything for you. Images that are usually supported are jpeg, png, tiff, gif and many more.

Word Documents

Most converters serve the purpose of converting pdf documents to editable ones like word documents. There are many file types other than just doc. There’s txt and rtf. To convert a pdf, simply select your file type and choose from an array of word document extensions to convert your pdf file.

This works the other way around too. Convert MS word to pdf and you’ll be able to send a fixed document to anyone without the worry of them being able to edit it.

Spreadsheets and Slideshows

Pdf converters also have the capabilities of converting your documents to spreadsheets such as Excel and slideshows such as Powerpoint.


You can convert your pdf to an epub and enjoy reading your eBooks on your favorite device. ePubs are the preferred file type for most eBooks because of its interactivity with readers.

A pdf converter is very handy. Think about the many file types you can convert your pdf to and vice versa.