Your Apple devices are saving all those videos in MOV files. You cannot play these videos on other devices. To run these videos, you need to convert them to a more compatible format like FLV. The process itself is simple and you do it just the way you convert mkv to mp4 online.

Here is all you need to know about this.

What is MOV

MOV is a file container format and is used for storing videos and movies and are compressed as the algorithm defined by Apple.

The file extension is .mov and these files are run by QuickTime Player.

Advantages of MOV format

  1. These files can easily be edited stored.
  2. This format can be played on browser.

Disadvantages of MOV format

  1. It can only run on QuickTime application.
  2. Browsers can not run the video if QuickTime is not installed.

What is FLV

FLV video is a container format that delivers video content too. It does so through internet via Adobe Flash Player.

Advantages of FLV video:

  1. Flv videos are compatible in a lot of devices as Flash Player is installed in almost every device.
  2. The quality of videos that are compressed under FLV is consistent across all the devices.
  3. When it comes to interactive content, FLV videos have a lot of advanced editing options. 

Disadvantages of FLV video:

  1. Initially it is difficult to operate certain features of FLV.

Now to the conversion

The Recommended tool is Movavi video Converter. It is a paid software and is one of the best converters available.

The process is simple as this.

Once you have installed the software, just open it and add files for conversion and just proceed with the conversion.

Now the converted video can be played in any device with Flash Player.