It is interesting and fun loving to utilize the skills of adding snap through sewing elastic as all you need to grab some basic knowledge about needlework and sewing. It is very convenient to from new pattern and designs for sewing you just had to do identify the snap and tricks to make an exact copy to your fabric.

Basically, there are three ways to do sewing elastic which are done by knit elastic, braided elastic, and woven elastic. These different types of plastics have different functionalities, and it depends on the fabric which you has selecting for personalizing your closet.

Here, in the below section, you will be going to read the functionalities of braided, woven and knit elastic as:

  1. Woven elastic: these elastic includes Breed elastiek for manufacturing clothes. The woven elastics are used on soft fabrics, and they do not provide rashes on the body. These elastics are best for lightweight pants, jagging and pyjama.
  2. Braided elastic: in the braided elastic, your fabric will give you a narrow fitting when stretched by you. The fabric gets shrink by the time, and it is quite easy to insert braided elastic to customize your pants. These braided elastic are done by hand threading because these elastic are not friendly with machines and stitching because they are weak.
  3. Knit elastic: it is typical and hard to measure the knit elastic on your pants or any other fabric. These elastics are not suited for heavy fabrics because the threadwork of these elastics is light. So these knit elastics are best for light clothes, and it will look reliable on your fabric because at the same time you can sew the elastic along with the fabric.

All the three different categories of elastics are defined in the above section, which will help you to personalize your wardrobe according to your genre.