With the rise of technology, almost every information that we need can be accessed online. You just need a device such as mobile phone, laptop or pc connected to the Internet and you will be flooded with tremendous information about a particular topic that you would like to research. But the main concern is – Are all the information that we get accurate and reliable enough? Maybe, not. And plastic surgery is not an exemption for this. As a matter of fact, plastic surgery is one of the topics around the world that has myriads of myths and false information. Thus, to help you be aware to them, here are some of the misconceptions about plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is not safe.

One of the common misconceptions about plastic surgery is that people tend to see it as a risky and dangerous surgery. But the truth is, plastic surgery has shown millions of successful results around the world. This is through the continuous advancement of technology and the unstoppable research and studies on the surgery.

Breast cancer – breast implants

This is a big misconception about plastic surgery, breast cancer in particular. The Institute of Medicine has already proven that breast implants do not increase the chances for women to get breast cancer.

Plastic surgery – for women only

Again, this is a myth. Actually, 15 percent of the total number of patients who undergo plastic surgery is made up of male patients. Plastic surgery doesn’t cover a specific sector of gender. Even guys can have it to.

Plastic surgery – for rich only

It may be true that plastic surgeries are expensive but it is a myth to claim plastic surgery as a service that can be claimed by wealthy individuals only. Based on PlasticSpot website, even middle class individuals do avail the service of plastic surgery who spend their own hard earned money.