For loving couples, every year is a wedding year. Thus, this is not meant to be literal. But you would be surprised to know that there are couples out there who celebrate their love with an annual wedding. Well, as long as you have a fat paycheck to splurge, why not? But let’s face it. Every anniversary is a special day. You can celebrate it in any style. You can also give an anniversary present in any fashion, style, or make.

But how do you choose an anniversary gift? Let’s suppose you are new to this, and this is your first anniversary. You want to make that day memorable. You don’t want to give something that he or she doesn’t deserve. The gift has to be meaningful. It should tell what do you mean to each other. There are a few pointers that you need to remember.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Too Expensive

Sure you can buy a jewelry box or other precious gems. But when you are both on a budget, you need to remember to control your emotions. A simple diamond pendant can please her. And the same way goes for him with a stainless steel watch. Thus, there are also others that are fun and affordable like a tote bag with I Love You print. You can even buy a grooming set, a spa hamper(for him) or a T-Shirt. The list is limitless. It depends on your budget and also the meaning behind those gifts.

Surprise Him/Her

The giving of the gift should be as creative as the gift itself. Nothing is as embarrassing as this: Finding jewelry inside a ramen bowl. It has to tickle the receiver. It all depends on your imagination.


Now that you have gift ideas, you can start shopping. You can also Google words like matching customized bracelets for his and hers to give you results. Anniversaries are great. But true love is the greatest!