Apr 6, 2019

Upselling Tips with Your Menu

Your menu is without a doubt, one of the most important elements there are to your restaurant. This is because the menu contains all the food items that your restaurant offers to your customers. While some people regard it as merely a list of food items available, psychology and reading theories dictate that it can actually have an impact on the way that diners would order. Owning a restaurant just like the lørenskog pizza restaurant, indeed, is no joke, and in order for it to be a successful, high-earning one, you have to consider a lot of things. With that said, below are some simple, yet effective tips on how to upsell through your restaurant menu.

Add Food Descriptions

To make the menu look more lively and interactive, and also to entice people to order certain menu items, make it a point to include descriptions in terms of the ingredients in the dish, which will also help to satisfy the curiosity of diners. Include quantities of key ingredients, as well as words that will also appeal to whatever it is that they may crave. Indeed, it adds value to the menus, but also don’t forget to be truthful about what you place.

Highlight Dishes that Need to be Sold

If you want to attract more attention to certain dishes, then do highlight them on your menu. You can do so through calling it “Chef’s Specials”, or even a “Monthly” or “Weekly” Special which will make people feel justified about the high price. This is one of the most effective tips associated with increasing of sales. Highlighting can also mean placing things around the item considered to be the Anchor item, and these are usually items that will guarantee a high profit margin on your part. Highlighting can include using bold characters, and other elements that make it stand out.

Nov 19, 2018

Master The Art Of Ninja Foodi Cooker

Ninja Foodi cooker enables you to get a unique texture for the food you cook. This could be meat, eggs, fish or even vegetables. You need to invest in the best Ninja Foodi cooker by checking reviewsbay.com to get the technique right.


There’s no such time limit that is required to do a Ninja Foodi cooker dish. It all depends on the temperature and technique. The lower the temperature, the longer you will need to cook the food. However, cooking it at lower temperatures will help you get better results. When cooked the right way, a Ninja Foodi cooker dish will fall apart and melt in your mouth. The best part about this cooking technique is that it helps regain all the natural flavors of the food and it is healthy. You do not need too much oil or many flavors to bring out the best in your dish. When done the right way, Ninja Foodi cooker food can taste amazing using the least amount of ingredients.

Points To Remember

Apart from the Ninja Foodi cooker and the vacuum bags you will also need a vacuum sealer. This sealer ensures it takes out all the air from the bag and seals it tight. This regains all the flavors of the dish and makes your main ingredient the star with a limited amount of ingredients. Always invest in a good quality vacuum sealer that manages to vacuum seal the bag in an effective manner.

The next thing you need is a thermometer. You need to invest in a cooking thermometer that will help you maintain the right cooking temperature while cooking Ninja Foodi cooker style. Once you’ve got the basics of this cooking style right, it is easy and efficient. All you need to do is put your ingredients into a bag, seal it and let it cook. This is a healthy way to cook up some amazing food and the technique is sure out to impress everyone who tries your dish.